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Wow! That's about the best way explain how well Smith Chiropractic does what he does. Having been the recipient of an artificial hip when I was 21 my lower back has always been prone to periodic episodes of causing me pain. But with regular maintenance from Craig I am very rarely down with back issues anymore. Thanks to all of you for keeping me in the game!

                                       Phil W.

My family has been going to Smith Chiropractic for years now, and we all agree that they are nothing short of amazing! The staff is all so kind, patient and personable. Dr Scott is very thorough and Dr Craig is such an outgoing person, they totally balance each other out. I can’t thank you enough for your help.

                                        Lyndsi P.


A fall on black ice injured my left arm to the point I could not raise it above my head very well. After a careful and lengthy initial examination, I began my weekly visits, then graduated to bi-weekly. Within a few short months I was back to normal activity with no pain and no limitation. I now visit on a monthly basis to keep everything "tuned up" and in good working order. Dr. Craig and Dr. Scott Smith have been excellent to work with, as well as their efficient and friendly office staff. Their knowledge and application of kinesiology definitely puts the body back in good working order.
I highly recommend Smith Chiropractic. My current health and stable physical condition as a 60-plus-year-old is due in great part to their efficient and professional work.

                                         Glen B.

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