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Dietary & Nutritional


Your DNA, Metabolism and Methylation. Getting to the root cause of your health concerns.

Much of our modern medical approach discounts the vast healing capacities within each of us. Between the constant pharmaceutical advertisements, vaccination requirements and talk of family genetics many are led to believe that they are simply victims of bad health that must be dependent on outside solutions. We believe there is a better way that gives you back control and responsibility over your health outcomes.

It is no secret that the nutrition/supplement industry is big business. This means we are all encountering advertisements for the next wonder nutrition product daily. The problem is that what works amazing for one person may cause problems for the next.  Genetic tests, blood work along with manual muscle testing allows us to cut through the fluff and supply your body with the truly needed nutrients for your body to thrive.


The goal should be to get your metabolism running like  a well-tuned engine. This means better energy production, improved mental clarity, decreased inflammation, decreased pain, improved fat burning capacity, improved immune system function and natural detoxification just to name a few benefits.

If this is of interest to you set up your complementary consultation today.

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